& mac repair

Have concerns with your computer? Bring it in and let us diagnose and recommend the perfect solution for you.

We’ll remove all found traces of viruses, malware, and spyware on your device, as well as install new updates to your operating system.

Includes 30 minute consultation, followed by removal, install upgraded hardware and applicable software/drivers.

We’ll attempt to backup data from the provided device.

We’ll use your license (or obtain a new license for an additional fee) and reinstall your operating system.

 Need help with some new programs or applications? We’ll install the software for you!

technology consultations
& training

 Let’s talk tech – We’ll discuss your current devices and set up, upgrading to the newest, most viable solutions, and looking into trade-in options for older hardware.

Experiencing disconnects or lag while online? Well, not all internet services are the same! We can help you and your family stay connected with the perfect provider and service.

Get professional guidance on how to use your new (or old) technology from experts.

Need a new rig? Have questions? Schedule a consultation and get the ultimate setup!

servicing more than just the jacksonville area, including:


Unboxing and setting up your new TV.

Connecting your sound bar and mounting it to the wall to give your home a clean look and feel.

Mounting your TV to drywall and connecting devices to make a finished and functional entertainment setup. Includes logging in to two smart apps!

Mounting your TV to a standard wall (drywall).

Add a cozy and sleek look to your fireplace (and save some wall space) by having your TV placed above the mantle. This includes both a TV mount and setup!  

Need help configuring your new smart remote? Skip the frustration and let us program it for you.

servicing more than just the jacksonville area, including:

servicing more than just the Jacksonville area, including:

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