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Phone Repair in Jacksonville FL

Your smartphone is likely a big part of your life– you use if for communication, work, and entertainment. So when it malfunctions or breaks, it can feel devastating.

If you’re lucky, you have a friend or family member who can help you fix it. But what if they live far away, or they’re not available? What if the problem is too complex for them to fix?

That’s where Tech Repair Care comes in. We can help you fix any type of phone problem, from a cracked screen to a broken camera. We have years of experience fixing phones of all types and brands, so we know exactly how to solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

Don’t suffer without your smartphone any longer – call us today!

why tech repair care?

Fast Turn Around

We understand that when your computer breaks down, you need it fixed right away, and we are committed to providing fast turnaround times on our repairs so you can get back up and running as soon as possible.

We Are Different

We don't just try to sell you or offer you upgrades that are not necessary. If a repair isn’t the most economical thing we aren’t going to recommend it. Instead, we will work with you to look at what options we have to help you.

On Site & Mobile Repair

We offer on site services as well as mobile repair services. That's right, we can even come to you! Broke your computer at home? Give us a call and we can come out to you and fix your device at your location.

phone repair services

Screen Repair

Cracked your screen, or did it just stop working? We can fix or replace the screen for you with a generally quick turnaround time.

Water Damage Repair

If your phone was damaged due to water getting inside, we can help you diagnose and hopefully repair the phone for you!

Battery Replacement

Phone batteries start to hold less and less charge over time. Running out of charge fast? We can replace it with a fresh one!

Speaker Repair

if your speaker sounds weird or simply no longer works, we can replace it for you! Don't go a day longer without your speaker.

Camera Repair

We can replace your phone cameras if they stop working! Get it replaced by us so you don't miss another picture perfect moment.

Data Recovery

Need to transfer data to a new phone? Need us to try and get your data off a corrupted phone? Contact us and we can take a look!

our testimonials

Larry S. Avatar
I really appreciate the professionalism, prompt response, and attention to detail! Well deserved 5 star reviews, thanks again for the honesty and advice!
Larry S. 1/08/2024
Tragiic_23 Avatar
Great service extremely nice and affordable prices I would suggest him most stores are charging 150+ withought the good service good attitude and great work
Tragiic_23 11/04/2023
Shanisha T. Avatar
Not that I should be impressed with great service or professionalism since this is something every business should be giving regardless, but I have to say that the quality of communication and genuineness was superb. The pricing was very budget friendly and all pricing for the diagnosis was discussed prior to locking me into any hidden fees. Tim spoke over possible solutions to the problem prior to moving forward with any work or ordering of parts. And he never did anything further without my permission. I would most definitely use his services again if I am ever in need.
Shanisha T. 10/30/2023
Joshua F. Avatar
Extremely helpful and quick super friendly and would definitely recommend. Extremely knowledgeable and has an amazing communication while preforming repairs that let me know step by step what was going on with my computer.
Joshua F. 8/27/2023

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